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18 November 2020

FSA Virtual Board Meeting 2020


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The agendas with papers will be available as of 3 September.

FSA September Board Meeting — full schedule

September 16th, 09:30 - 11:35

Chair's introduction and questions received in advance of the Board meeting
  • Heather Hancock
Chair's report
  • Heather Hancock
Chief Executive’s Report to the Board
  • Emily Miles
Food and Feed Safety and Hygiene
  • Paul Morrison
  • Theo Hawkins
Risk Analysis Process: Update
  • Rebecca Sudworth
  • Phil Flaherty
Science Council Working Group reports
  • Paul Turner
  • Julie Pierce
National Food Crime Unit – Food Crime Strategic Assessment
  • Colin Sullivan
  • Darren Davies
Reports from the Chairs of the Food Advisory Committees (FACs)
  • Colm McKenna
  • Ruth Hussey
Any Other Business
  • Heather Hancock

Business Committee Meeting — full schedule

September 23rd, 10:30 - 12:20

Chair's Introduction
  • Heather Hancock
Chief Executive's Report to the Business Committee
  • Emily Miles
  • Jo Bushnell
Performance & Resources Report
  • Chris Hitchen
Annual Report on Freedom of Information, External Complaints & Internal Whistleblowing
  • Noel Sykes
Incidents Resilience Annual Report
  • Colin Sullivan
  • Philip Randles
Annual Science Update
  • Rick Mumford
  • Julie Pierce
Animal Welfare
  • Colin Sullivan
  • Darren Whitby
Annual Communications Update
  • Steven Pollock
  • Justin Everard
  • Sarah Gibbons
Any Other Business
  • Heather Hancock